First established in Japan in 1952, our family owned business focused on providing pharmaceutical products to customers throughout Japan.
Today Kosei Pharma in Japan sells its prescription medications to 6000 pharmacies, 5000 doctors, 2000 dentists, and 200 hospitals across Japan. We have established ourselves as the leading distributor of pharmaceutical products in the Japanese market.
It is now our mission to continue this sustained success and become the market leader in the Asia and Europe.
We have established relationships with top wholesalers and manufacturers to provide a wide range of products sourced from a diverse supply chain across Asia and Europe.


  • Provision of Japan’s existing medicinal products
    We have integrated a lot of medicinal products and provide those products to our customer by professional logistics in Japan.
    If you are looking for any medicinal products that are existing in Japan, please check whether they are on the following list or not. If the product that you are looking for is not on the following list, you can search at “Medicinal products from Japan”, or contact us.
  • Provision of domestic medicinal products of Taiwan
    We have cooperated with well-know distributors that can provide a lot of domestic medicinal products of Taiwan. If you are looking for any medicinal products from Taiwan, you can search at the following website, or contact us.
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  • Support your overseas expansion
    We have pharmaceutical companies in Japan and Taiwan that were fully licensed by health authority and we have completely sales channels that contain clinics and pharmacies. If you want to sell products from your country into Japan or Taiwan, we can support you with our abundant experience and resource.
  • Customized service of ODM and OEM
    In Taiwan, we have a good cooperative relationship with medicinal product’s manufacturer that completely fit the international PIC/S GMP standard. We can provide customized services from development to production, if you are looking for a partner that can manufacture high quality medicinal product with lower cost, please contact us.